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Mass Torts

Defective Medical Devices

Harmful Pharmaceuticals

Dangerous Consumer Products


Triten Law is a nationally focused mass tort law firm delivering a range of professional services including representation of individuals injured by defective medical devices, harmful pharmaceuticals, dangerous consumer products, and other personal injury matters.

Operating with the highest levels of professionalism, skill and accountability, our extensive network of relationships throughout the United States allows us to lead our clients toward successful, efficient, and comprehensive solutions wherever they may be located.

We look forward to learning your story and earning the honor of serving as your legal counsel.



Every year millions of people have medical devices implanted and in most cases they greatly improve the quality of life or even save the life of their recipients. However, in some rare cases, manufacturing  or design defects end up causing severe injuries or even death.

Injuries and complications from defective medical devices can impact your physical wellbeing, finances, and emotional health and may even require surgery to repair the damage they caused. The manufacturers and distributors of these defective medical devices may be responsible to provide compensation following certain injuries. 


Pharmaceutical companies release and market hundreds of drugs every year. Drug companies are responsible for manufacturing, testing, packaging, and advertising their products according the confines of the law, but also for providing accurate disclosure of any risks or adverse reactions that accompany the use of the medication.

A dangerous drug injury could stem from manufacturing issues, labeling deficiencies, and other factors caused by the drug manufacturers and distributors. Even if a drug manufacturer was unaware of the dangers their product posed, they may still be responsible under strict liability law. 


Everybody uses consumer products everyday and is thus vulnerable to potential harm from product malfunctions. Each year in America, thousands of unsuspecting consumers are injured or killed by defective products.

A legal obligation exists for manufacturers and distributors to ensure that products are designed and built in a way that is safe to use, and in certain scenarios, must provide sufficient warning that a product may pose a danger when used in ordinary ways. It is not uncommon for a malfunctioning product to cause severe cuts, burns, or electrical shocks as the consequence of direct failures. These injuries generally lead to economic and non-economic damages for which in many cases manufactures may be required to provide compensation to victims.

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